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A boar bristle hairbrush is a hair brush made out of wild hog hair. This style of hair brush is sold as a natural as an alternative to man made hair brush. Synthetic brush bristles are created from plastic. Since plastic and metal hairbrush bristles aren't absorbent, they cannot distribute the hair's oils as efficiently. Fine to normal hair of any length is regarded as suited to a boar bristle hair brush.

Quite thick or extremely frizzy hair tends to hairbrush out far better with the stronger bristles of metal and plastic hairbrushes. A boar bristle brush can be too soft for these hair varieties, while metal and plastic material bristles can be too detrimental to fine or thin hair. A boar bristle hair brush might be especially productive on oily types of thin to normal hair. The natural fibers take and disperse oil from the top of the head down to the ends, which are generally the driest section of the hair.

Boar bristle hairbrushes can be found in toddlers to adults sizes. The handgrip of all sizing's of boar bristle hairbrush is most likely to be made of wood, though there are synthetic handles available also. Boar hair brush handles may be dark or light in color, whilst the bristles may be blond, brown or black.

The sizes and shapes of boar bristle hair brushes include rectangle-shaped, paddle, oval and spherical. The circular boar brushes are produced for hair styling and shaping with hair dryers, whilst the oval groups are more all-purpose. A less wide rectangle-shaped boar bristle hairbrush could be used to increase volume, whilst the squarer, paddle-shaped varieties may produce level of smoothness and shine.

Purely natural boar hairbrushes are liked by both women and men. The natural styling from the bristles, in addition to a stylish wooden handle can provide an organic, spa-like appeal to a bathroom countertop or dressing table. A boar bristle hair brush is likewise durable and convenient for traveling or to take in a fitness bag to the fitness center.

Since the bristles of boar brushes are densely crammed together in tight rows, they can be hard to thoroughly clean. Dragging a comb's teeth over the rows will help remove dust and hair strands trapped deep in the bristles. A modest amount of shampoo placed on the wet bristles of a boar bristle hair brush can be rubbed in with the fingers. The hairbrush must be washed with care without getting the wood handle too wet. The boar bristle brush should then be left to dry well.

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